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Mental Health For All, For Free

Anonymous & Consistent Mental Health Support Groups Held Exclusively on X Spaces for Free.

Our X Spaces Are:

Always Free

Always Accessible

Always Anonymous

Get Notified About Upcoming Events & Support Free Mental Health Spaces!

Your information will always remain safe & anonymous with us.

Mental Health is For Everyone, So We Make it Accessible For Everyone

Our goal is to make Mental Health accessible for as many people as possible. We try to hold multiple check-in sessions through the week to accommodate as many people as possible.

Join Our Upcoming Mental Health Check-Ins!

Community Corner

“I started to listen in to MHC spaces in April of 2022. I was experiencing isolation from the pandemic and life, I was looking for a place to connect with others and get a little bit of support about real life daily struggles and mental health. I still attend regularly, this has become a good peer support group to flush out feelings and be able to give a little support back. I recommend MHC spaces to all looking for a little support and listening ear on your journey through another day.”

Mandy - USA

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